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BAC LLB Criminal Law: Study Manual 2023/2024

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The BAC Study Materials are essential study guides that serve as ideal references for the understanding of the law studies. This series presents comprehensive and concise information that covers all the theoretical and practice aspects of the disciplines. BAC Study Materials provide relevant topics of discussion, highlighting the key concepts in substantive law, legal theory and procedure in domestic and international law contexts.


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Automatism 

Chapter 3: Omission

Chapter 4: Causation

Chapter 5: Mens Rea: Intention

Chapter 6: Recklessness

Chapter 7: Negligence

Chapter 8: Criminal Homicide: Murder

Chapter 9: Voluntary Manslaughter: Loss of Control Defence

Chapter 10: Voluntary Manslaughter: Diminished Responsibility

Chapter 11: General Defences

Chapter 12: Non-Fatal Offences

Chapter 13: Sexual Offences

Chapter 14: Criminal Damage Act 1971 

Chapter 15: Constructive Manslaughter

Chapter 16: Gross Negligence Manslaughter

Chapter 17: Reckless Manslaughter

Chapter 18: Inchoate Offence

Chapter 19: Participation in a Crime

Chapter 20: Offences Against Property

Chapter 21: Offence of Fraud


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